How to make the second floor

How to make the second floor

Before to start a superstructure of the second floor, it is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons. As practice shows, new construction of a message is simpler, than to remake the already ready. Therefore it is simpler to build the new two-storeyed house, than to be engaged in reorganization of already existing one-storeyed house. Besides, the second floor doubles problems: installation of a floor, walls, a ceiling and roof will need to be done at height. Also delivery of materials from the earth on the second floor will be more difficult. If it did not stop you - start construction.

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At a stage of initial construction of the house provide in advance that further it will be continued. Make a design of a roof such that the rafter system left free space for the device of the second floor (like a penthouse).


Make a framework of wooden whetstones 50kh50mm and 50kh100mm. For this purpose sew them nails to vertical racks of rafters. Outside, from an attic, sheathe lining, make a waterproofing, and fix a heater. From within lay a paroizolyatsionny film, make an obreshetka and screws fix to it sheets of gypsum cardboard.


Then mount a ceiling. For convenience of the carried-out work it is desirable to clean part of a roof. Fix the ends of beams of overlapping on vertical racks of rafters. From bottom edge strengthen whetstones 50kh50mm and lay on them overlapping boards. On boards from above lay layer-by-layer paroizolyatsionny film, a heater layer, a waterproofing. From below hem a ceiling sheets of gypsum cardboard or plywood. Return the external, removed roof into place.


Now it is necessary to make natural illumination of the second floor. For this purpose in a pediment make a window opening, and warm a wall from a penthouse. If it is not enough light, it is possible to make in addition a roof of lantern type over an estimated second window. For this purpose it is necessary to make in a roof a gap down width the 100-120th. Provide height of a gap at the level the 40-50th from a penthouse ceiling. In a wall make a window opening.


Make a floor how the floor of the first floor became. Difference consists only that on the second floor the draft floor does not creep.

At the final stage decide on an installation site and a design of a ladder which will connect the first floor and a penthouse. For economy of the occupied space use a spiral staircase.