How to keep the utorrent settings

How to keep the utorrent settings

Preservation of settings uTorrent torrent client at reinstallation of the Windows operating system is not the problem demanding special computer knowledge and is carried out by the user without involvement of additional assistants and resources.

It is required to you

- uTorrent;
- removable disk

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Press the Start-up button for a call of the main menu of the Windows operating system and pass into the Execute point for definition of location of files and setting up the program uTorrent torrent client.


Enter %AppData %/utorrent value in the field "to Open" the tool of a command line and press a function key of Enter for search performance.

By default files and application controls of uTorrent are:
- Windows XP - imya_diska:documents and Settingsimya_polzovatelyaapplication DatauTorrent;
- Windows Vista and Windows 7 - имя_диска:Usersимя_пользователÿappdataroaminguTorrent.


Move the uTorrent folder on a removable disk (CD-RW or DVD-/+ a RW disk, a flash card (USB Flash Drive), an external USB disk or other logical disk) prior to reinstallation of an operating system for an exception of possibility of formatting of the chosen folder.


Be convinced of that the settings.dat file is in the folder together with utorrent.exe for simplification of use of the kept uTorrent application controls at start restored a torrent client.


Choose a place of storage of the loaded and loaded fouls, and also the *.torrent files in a submenu a torrent client of "Folder" of the Control menu. Keep all loaded releases (movies, images, archives and so forth).


Execute reinstallation of the Windows operating system in the chosen way and reboot.


Make installation of the uTorrent program and finish work a torrent client.


Restore the uTorrent settings from earlier saved files of a removable disk.


Restart the program. All settings and *.torrent files are restored without application of hashing of the loaded releases.