How to cook pea soup

How to cook pea soup

It is best of all to cook pea soup with smoked products. This dish very tasty in any variations is indisputable, but smoked products give it certain "highlight".

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To cook pea soup with smoked products, it will be required to you:

Pork bacon of 200 grams, Peas of dried 300 grams, Luk of 2 pieces, Carrots of 2 pieces, the Root of parsley of 25 grams, Salt and pepper to taste, Broth on smoked stones 1.8 liters, Greens to taste.

Sequence of actions:

It is necessary to cook pea soup step by step. At first wet dry peas in cold water, and leave it in this state for 3-5 hours.

While peas are drawn, prepare broth. Fill in smoked bones with 2 liters of water. In the course of cooking salt it.

Cut small slices smoked pork, and carefully fry it. Add onions and carrots, and also the chopped parsley root.

In ready broth fill up peas, cook on weak fire to full readiness. Further, add all ingredients prepared in advance. Salt and pepper to taste. Leave on a plate for 20 minutes.

Before serving soup on a table, decorate it with greens.