How to cook roast from a goose?

How to cook roast from a goose?
Probably, at everyone the way of preparation of house roast. And it is not important, it prepares with a goose or some other meat. The main thing governed is an obligatory presence of meat and potatoes.
I, probably, prepare according to the most traditional method, and I share it.

Roast from a goose

For 2 portions it will be necessary for you:

Goose meat (it is possible with small bones) – 350-400 g
Potatoes – 4-5 pieces.
Carrots – 1 piece.
Onion – 1 bulb (small)
Salt, pepper – to taste
Bay leaf – 2 pieces.
Tomato paste – 1 tsp.
Broth vegetable or meat – 1 glass
Vegetable oil – for frying

Way of preparation:

I cook house roast in pots, but I begin with the general frying pan in which it is necessary to fry at first to semi-readiness the goose meat cut on small slices. In the course of frying meat is necessary both to salt, and to pepper, and to add tomato paste.

While meat is fried, clean and cut:

- potatoes on small cubes or brusochka;
- onions it is possible thin rings or half rings, and it is possible and to chop simply small;
- grate carrots on a small grater.

When meat a little is fried, shift it in pots, having halved all quantity. Then, on meat put a layer of onions and carrots, and from above close potatoes. Salt, pepper, add on one laurel leaflet to each pot. Fill in all with broth. Broth has to close potatoes completely. If it is necessary, can part broth with water.

Now put both pots on a baking sheet and send everything to the oven warmed to 180-200 degrees for 40-50 minutes.

When giving can strew each roast with fennel greens.

Bon appetit!