How to convince the husband to give birth to the child

How to convince the husband to give birth to the child

For the woman the best confirmation of reliability and durability of marriage is the child's birth. But what to do if the man does not keep up the conversation on joint children? And answers all questions of the woman evasively that it is not ready yet or refers to material difficulties. The woman is before a choice: to obey to the man and to wait with the birth of the child or to try in any ways to achieve the.

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First of all, we will try to understand with what the unwillingness of your satellite to have the child is connected. It can be fear of cardinal vital changes. It is clear that the birth of the child will forever change life of parents, will bring in it need to care of the defenseless person, to show responsibility, will deprive parts of freedom. The man at any age at heart itself is a child and it is difficult for it to share attention to himself with someone else. He is frightened by that fact that the woman will not belong only to it any more. Since the moment of the birth of the child, the real man will have to become head of the family with all that it implies.


The clever woman will not begin to press on the darling, applying aggressive methods or long arrangements. It can bring only to that the man will try to avoid talk on the child by all means. In the same way will not lead the threats stated in a categorical form to desirable effect. A task of the woman to bring the man to thought that he wants the child. Confidential quiet conversation about the joint future has to convince it that the woman will have enough love both for the husband, and for children. Of course, one such conversation will be insufficiently, but you should not force events.


Gradually the man will understand that the child not only will not destroy, on the contrary will strengthen a family. Use an example of family friends, descend to them on a visit. But only in case at couple everything is good, and do not tighten visit the first time. It is good if the father of the child talks to your satellite and will tell it on the example as his life with the advent of the kid changed. But will tell not only about difficulties, but also about pleasures of a full-fledged family.