How to wash out a bladder

How to wash out a bladder

Washing of a bladder is made for mechanical removal of products of disintegration of small stones, fabric or pus. At a chronic and acute disease of a mucous membrane of a bladder as medical procedure make its washing by means of antiseptic and medicines. Also procedure of washing of a bladder is done by means of a rubber catheter before introduction of the cystoscope.

It is required to you

- Esmarkh's mug
- catheter
- solution of boric acid or permanganate of potassium

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It is previously necessary to establish bladder capacity, it becomes by measurement of amount of urine which was allocated at an urination.


To put the patient on a back, to bend feet in knees and to part hips. The basin thus has to be a little raised.


It is necessary to wash out a bladder by means of Esmarkh's mug, to put on a catheter a rubber tube. To use for washing 2% solution of boric acid or solution of permanganate of potassium in the ratio 1:10000. Tools have to be ideally sterile.


Carefully to enter a catheter and to lower the patient's urine.


To connect a catheter to a rubber tube of a mug of Esmarkh, to enter liquid into a bladder before emergence of desires of an urination. To separate a mug from a catheter and to let out the entered liquid. To wash out a bladder before emergence of exclusively transparent liquid.


To fill a bladder half with the prepared solution and to remove a catheter.


To leave the patient to lie within 30-60 minutes. Usually the number of washings makes from 12 to 14 times.