How to get rid of an allergy to animals

How to get rid of an allergy to animals

Stuffy nose, the watering eyes, weakness and headache – the symptoms well familiar to the people suffering from an allergy. One of the most widespread forms of this disease - an allergy to animals to get rid from which it is quite difficult.

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All pets can be a cause of illness: cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, rabbits, parrots. Forever to recover from an allergy with a lifelong guarantee that it will not return to you more, it is almost impossible. In fight against this illness try, to avoid contacts with potential external "provokers". Sources of allergens – wool, dandruff, a saliva, feathers, excrements of animals. In such situation, unfortunately, it is better to leave the favourite pet. After that it is necessary to carry out some careful general cleaning in the house. Improvement, as a rule, comes not at once, and in some weeks.

If such option is unacceptable for you, first, regularly (at least once a week) wash a pet. Let it be done by other family members. Secondly, get rid of "dust collectors" like carpets, heavy curtains, big soft toys. Dust, and also particles of epidermis of an animal which nullify all treatment is hammered into them. Try to isolate as much as possible the bedroom from the cat living in the house or a dog. Regularly air the apartment, carry out damp cleaning and daily wipe furniture.

Accept antihistaminic preparations of the second and third generation. At allergic cold 1-2 times a day wash out a nose hydrochloric solution (1/3 teaspoons of sea salt on 1 glass of boiled water). This procedure will help to remove hypostasis of a mucous membrane.

Visit the allergist and make the skin test which will help to establish precisely, which substance provokes at you an allergy. It is possible after that the doctor can recommend carrying out an allergenspetsifichesky immunotherapy. With its help an organism gradually accustom to allergen that over time it ceased to react to it.

Modern air cleaners and sinks of air will help to facilitate a condition of the allergic person. They are capable to clean all visible and invisible particles of dust, pollen from the room, to destroy bacteria, viruses and chemical compounds. Surely use such device in the house.