How to make cottage cheese to the child

How to make cottage cheese to the child

Cottage cheese takes an important place in the menu of baby food. This product contains a large amount of calcium and mineral substances. Cottage cheese can be offered the child purchased, and it is possible to do in house conditions. It is desirable to diversify a product with additives in the form of fresh berries, fruit, dried fruits, jam. Cottage cheese can be prepared from kefir or milk.

It is required to you

Kefir of 200 ml, banana, milk 300 ml, 1/2 teaspoons of 20% of chloride calcium, small pan, glass jar of 150-200 ml, gauze.

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Fresh kefir needs to be poured in a jar from glass. In a small pan on slow fire will boil clear water, remove it from fire and leave for some time. Lower a jar with kefir on 2/3 in water and take about half an hour on a water bath. During this procedure it is possible to cover a pan with a cover. If it is simple to pour out kefir in a pan and to bring to boiling, all useful substances and nutritious properties of a product will be lost. Therefore the most correct way of preparation of cottage cheese is its receiving on a water bath.


After a while merge the serum received in such a way. (Actually cottage cheese) wipe the remained weight through a sieve that did not remain lumps and the product reminded cream on a consistence. Clean a ready-made product in the refrigerator.


Cottage cheese can be prepared and from sour milk. For this purpose bring the pasteurized sour milk to boiling in a small kastryulka and remove from fire. Filter milk through the sterile gauze put four times, the cottage cheese received as a result needs to be wrung out to remove surplus of serum.


If there is an opportunity, prepare the calcinated cottage cheese. For this purpose pour fresh milk in a pure pan or a ladle, add chloride calcium which is available in a drugstore on free sale to contents, heat milk and after boiling at once remove from fire. Remove the received dense weight a spoon and wipe through a sieve, place in a glass jar and put in the refrigerator for days.


The cottage cheese received from kefir less fresh than from milk. As an additive can use banana. For this purpose peel ripe fruit of a peel, knead pulp a fork. The blender or a nimbus shake up weight and add it to cottage cheese, accurately mix. In this case sugar addition that is very important for baby food will not be required.


It is possible to add the cut apple or a peach, and also grated carrots to berry cottage cheese, a piece of chalk. Be guided by tastes of the kid, what cottage cheese it is pleasant to him more - fresh or sour, sweet more or not. It gives new opportunities for improvement of a dish and its tastes.