Where on the Internet it is possible to check sight?

Where on the Internet it is possible to check sight?
People with ideal sight about 2,5%. Some have problems with color sensations. If not to undertake any measures, problems with sight start progressing. According to calculations of experts, in certain cases possibly to correct insignificant problems and without operation.

On the Internet there is a set of the sites where it is possible to check sight. Some of them are given below:

contlenses.com — here can check independently sight by means of ophthalmologic tests: are available the table for check of sight with a variable size of signs, the table of color sight, tsvetotest for check on a miopiya (short-sightedness), Amsler's test for check of a condition of the center of a retina of an eye, the test for an astigmatism;

oftalmika.com — on the site can check sight of on-line (various tests, including comic);

sfe.ru — visual acuity check, on an astigmatism, on color perception pathology, on pathology of the central region of a retina (makula);

eye-clinic.ru — check of sight of online, the site of eye clinic of doctor Yakovlev;

forum .ladoshki.com — is opportunity to check sight for daltonism, a protanopiya, a deuteranopiya, a tritanopiya;

vsetabl.ru — checks of sight according to Golovin-Sivtsev's table (classical ShB-mnk); polychromatic table E.B. Rabkina for verification of daltonism;

proverkazrenia.ru — check of sight for children.

Attention! It is necessary to know that independent check of sight by means of the computer is not the basis for statement of the diagnosis, a choice of points or drugs. At detection of problems with sight it is necessary to address to the oculist.