How to make the Hollywood smile

How to make the Hollywood smile

The snow-white, attracting, bewitching smiles of movie stars of Hollywood... Many would like is also dazzling to smile and try to catch delighted looks of people around, but it is given not all. Think, what it is impossible? The modern stomatology works wonders so examine secrets of stars and forward.

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Literally all film actors of Hollywood possess beautiful, bewitching smiles. Take at random any movie - in it always there will be any languid beauty or the superman who will smile in all screen, showing faultless teeth, such equal, beautiful and it is impossible white! But not Mother Nature endowed them with such wealth, and very good stomatologists worked.


In America more than 30 years the technology of so-called Hollywood vinir is applied. Thanks to prompt changes in our world - political, economic, technological, practice of the Hollywood vinir came and to us. Now many dental clinics offer the services in this area and consult, it is necessary to tell, is not worse than the American.


What is the vinira? These are the thinnest heavy-duty porcelain plates. Porcelain of the highest quality on color, structure, transparency very much reminds enamel of healthy tooth. The set of a set of its shades allows to pick up vinira practically to any teeth, having achieved ideal similarity to the native. Thanks to it, the smile is natural, teeth do not seem plastic, and have natural color, gloss and transparency.


Plates are pasted on a forward wall of tooth. Their supersubtlety allows to avoid painful grinding of teeth without which traditional prosthetics does not do. The Hollywood vinira will help to disguise any defects which look not esthetically: shcherbinka, chips, dark stains which appear from cigarettes, coffee, wine. Also vinira can hide not really beautiful shade of native teeth: yellowish, grayish or brown.


To keep the Hollywood smile for many years, it is not necessary any special conditions. Though stomatologists also give a guarantee in 10 years, elementary rules of care of teeth in which trained you in the early childhood, will not prevent, and on the contrary, will promote their best preservation: cleaning and rinsing, refusal of all addictions which can do much harm to vinira and at last, regular visit of the stomatologist for the purpose of routine inspection.

Good luck and more often smile!