How to recover statues in a photoshop

How to recover statues in a photoshop

Being a powerful professional tool, the graphic Adobe Photoshop editor represents the most ample opportunities for a retouch of photos. Its application allows to create the effects literally changing idea of reality. So, it is possible even to recover statues in a photoshop.

It is required to you

- Adobe Photoshop;
- the file with the image of a statue.

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Load the image of a statue into Adobe Photoshop by means of pressing of Ctrl+O or a choice of the Open point... in the File menu. Use Zoom Tool for increase in scale of viewing so that it became convenient to work with the person.


Create allocation round a face and a neck (image fragments on which the real person represented by a statue would have to have open sites of skin). Use the Lasso tools of various type or Pen Tool. Exclude from area of allocation of an eye and a lip. It can be made, having applied the same means with the pressed Alt key. If necessary correct area in the mode of a fast mask or teams of the Select menu.


Change a shade of the allocated area so that it became similar to skin of the person. Open dialogue of Hue/Saturation, having selected item with the identical name in the section Adjustments of the Image menu. Activate the option Colorize. Move a romper suit Hue, Saturation, Lightness before obtaining the necessary color. Press the OK button.


Clean major defects from the image of the person of a statue. Use such tools as Patch Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Spot Healing Brush Tool.


Start soft correction of defects of the person. Consistently press combinations of the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys. The new layer with the copy of the image from allocation area will be created. Press Ctrl+Shift+D to restore allocation. Select the items Filter, Blur, "Gaussian Blur..." main menu. In the appeared dialogue establish such Radius value that the image became rather indistinct. Press OK. Change the Opacity parameter in the panel of layers to value of 30-50%.


Activate the Eraser Tool tool. Choose soft (Hardness value of 20-25%) a brush of suitable diameter. Carry out in those places of the image which need to be made more accurate (area of eyes, lips, a nose, a chin). After achievement of necessary effect connect layers, having selected the Layer and Merge Down items in the menu or having pressed Ctrl+E.


Give a natural shade to lips. Create allocation area round them in the same way what it was made in the second step. Make actions of the third step for obtaining the necessary color.


Similar to lips process also eyes. Allocate them. Exclude from area of allocation of a zone of irises of the eye and pupils (it is for this purpose convenient to use a fast mask). Clarify a cornea of eyes in the Hue/Saturation mode. Allocate irises of the eye. Give them the necessary color. Paint over pupils a black brush with soft edges.


Estimate result of work, having seen the image in different scales. If necessary process also other details of a statue (hands, hair). Keep the image in the file, having pressed Ctrl+Shift+S.