How to replace a mouse with the keyboard

How to replace a mouse with the keyboard

Various actions are using a mouse applied to control of the computer not less often, than pressing of buttons of the keyboard. However sometimes there is a situation when use of a mouse is complicated or it is simply impossible. For such cases function of replacement of control of the cursor by pressing of the corresponding buttons on the keyboard is provided in Windows OS.

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Inclusion of non-standard ways of control of the computer in the Windows operating system are taken out in a separate applet of "Control panel". That to pass to it, click the Start-up button and select item which and is called - "Control panel" in the main menu. Then click the name of the section "Special Opportunities", and on the following page click on the reference "Change of Parameters of a Mouse" in the section "Center of Special Opportunities".

This applet can be started and in a different way. For example, the reference to it is placed in the main menu - open it, pass into the All Programs folder, then into the Standard folder and, at last, into the Special Opportunities catalog. And it is possible to use a search window in the main menu - press the Win key, key to "spa" and press Enter.

In an applet "The center of special opportunities" give a mark near the field "Include Management of the Index from the Keyboard" and press the OK or "Apply" button. After that it will be possible to move the index of a mouse by means of keys of the additional (digital) keyboard. Figures with 1 on 9 (excepting 5) operate movement of the index across, to a vertical and diagonals. The key with figure 5 corresponds to pressing of the right button of a mouse and usually causes on the screen a context menu of the opened application.

Speed of movement of the cursor by means of keys and some other parameters can be changed in settings. For this purpose in an applet there is a separate section which is caused by click on the reference "Control of Management of the Index".

"Hotkeys" for expeditious inclusion and shutdown of control mode of the index of a mouse from the keyboard are provided in Windows. By default the combination from the left Alt and Shift keys in combination with the NumLock key is for this purpose used. Their pressing causes a dialog box in which it is necessary to confirm inclusion of the mode. Repeated pressing of the same combination disconnects it without any dialogue of confirmation, but with a sound signal.