How to increase computer speed

How to increase computer speed

Most of users of personal computers often ask a question of increase in speed of operation of the computer. This procedure assumes thin control of all system: removal of harmful objects and temporary files, cleaning of the list of automatic loading, etc. After implementation of all these points it is possible to notice considerable addition in the speed of work of system.

It is required to you

Software (Eset Smart Security, CCleaner), system utilities.

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One of main "brakes" of work of system is an existence of harmful objects which are called as viruses. Disposal of viruses will allow you to accelerate partially fast performance of the tasks set to the computer. It is worth approaching installation of an anti-virus complex with all gravity. The virus which got on the hard drive can make, anything: to block work of system, to fill the hard drive with files of the small size, to make attempts of damage of any software. If your computer the old resident, for it serves as the best anti-virus complex to Eset Smart Security. This complex, unlike other similar programs, occupies small quantity of random access memory. It includes not only an antivirus, but also a firewall, an antispam. Also blocks any suspicious appendix, and also controls all files which you download to the hard drive.


After installation of the anti-virus program, it is necessary to edit the list of automatic loading of system. It can be made by means of special programs or the system utility "Control of system". Press the Start-up menu, select the Execute item, enter msconfig. In the opened window pass to the Automatic loading tab. Disconnect the unnecessary or not used by you applications. After pressing the Apply button, press the OK button. In the opened dialog box choose "An exit without reset".


Further you need to get rid of temporary files which accumulated by your car: browser history, cache, files of the Temp folders, etc. After start of the program press the Cleaning button in the left panel, then press the Analysis button. In some seconds in a window of the program the list of files which are subject to cleaning since are unnecessary will be displayed. For performance of operation of cleaning of unnecessary files press the Cleaning button.


Change of parameters of display of graphics will be the following step of increase in speed of work of your system. Press the right button of a mouse on a desktop, select the Properties item, pass to the Registration tab, choose "Classical style" in the column "Windows and Buttons".


Press the right button of a mouse on the My Computer badge, select the Properties item. In the opened window choose In the addition tab, further the section "Speed", the Parameters button. In a new window pass to the Visual Effects tab, activate the option "Provide the Best Speed". Below you will notice that all points were not allocated. If you do not like appearance of a desktop and the conductor, give a mark opposite to the following items:
- rejection of shadows badges on a desktop;
- to display window contents when dragging;
- to smooth roughnesses of screen fonts.