How to build the house of slag stones

How to build the house of slag stones

Slag stones are the cheapest material for construction. If they are well made, on durability do not concede to a brick and gas-blocks. Features of construction are that the base needs to be done strong and high, tape type. The first floor needs also to be done as it is possible above because it will allow to exclude a namokaniye of the lower ranks completely. Slag stones very much avoid damp - they start napityvatsya by moisture and to give in to destruction.

It is required to you

- cement
- river sand
- crushed stone
- gravel
- tes
- slag stones
- a bar for overlapping and racks
- heat-insulating material
- paroizolyatsionny material
- a covering on a roof

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Make a base marking. Dig out a ditch and establish a timbering higher than a level of the soil on 50-60 centimeters. In it fill peschano – a gravel pillow not less than 50 centimeters. Carefully stamp. Build in a reinforcing framework. Fill in the base. It is necessary to pour at the rate of 1 bucket of cement of brand 400, 3 of a bucket of river sand, 3 buckets of small crushed stone.


Can spread a socle from a red brick right after filling of the base, and establish walls in 4 weeks. Walls it is best of all to do of hollow slag stones, they the warmest. For walls surely add softener to solution. It promotes is longer to use already made solution, and it is thinner and is stronger.


Right after that as you established walls fit them a heatwaterproofing and only after that start building a roof. You can do a roof on the project, but to cover it it is necessary as soon as possible to exclude hit of moisture on walls. That is feature of construction of the house from slag stones also that the covering of a roof needs to be carried out during a season of construction of walls.


After construction of walls and a roof between a ceiling and a roof lay a thick layer of a parogidroizolyation. As it was already written above, moisture on slag stones should not get from nowhere.


At desire it is possible to warm also an internal surface of walls, but at good external warming, in it there is no need.