What symptoms of PMS?

What symptoms of PMS?
The premenstrual syndrome is familiar to most of women, but not everyone knows, all set of symptoms which accompany this unpleasant disease state. And after all the nobility about it costs. Well, for example, not to hit in an unnecessary panic and not to confuse one illness to another.

One of the most important and everything familiar symptoms is irritability, tearfulness and feeling of full disharmony with world around.

In PMS women on hands, feet, and sometimes and the person, have hypostases. The reason consists in bad deductibility of water from an organism. Not less often women are disturbed both the breasts which bulked up to morbidity, and the aching pains in the field of a basin, a waist or even knees.

In some cases PMS proves at the level of digestive system and leads to violation of work of intestines, nausea and an abdominal distension.

As a rule, at PMS the woman quickly gets tired. In one women of PMS causes sleeplessness, in others – drowsiness.

Very rare, but rather characteristic symptom of PMS, violation of memory and bad coordination in space is.