How to come the safe mode

How to come the safe mode

The second name of the safe mode — is the mode of protection against failures, in it the minimum of the drivers and utilities ensuring functioning of the Windows operating system are loaded. To log into the system in the safe mode, execute the following actions.

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In the left bottom corner of the screen press the Start-up button.


Select item of the Switch Off the Computer menu and press an icon "to Reboot".


After the computer starts being loaded, press the button of the F8 keyboard until there is a menu with options of loading of Windows.
In case on your computer some operating systems are installed, after loading before you the choice window will open, in it it is necessary to determine by shooters the necessary OS up/down. After that again press "F8".


In the opened window of additional options of loading pass to the line "Safe Mode" using arrows vverkhvniz and press the Input button on the keyboard. Then once again press "Input" for confirmation of a choice of option of loading of an operating system.


After completion of works in the safe mode simply reboot.