How to prepare hepatic meatballs with a stuffing?

How to prepare hepatic meatballs with a stuffing?
Gentle meatballs not only are tasty, but also do not become boring – the stuffing can be diversified as soul it is necessary. And every time for relatives will be a surprise – that in meatballs this time? For a start I offer a stuffing from mushrooms with cheese.

Ingredients: 400 grams of a chicken liver, one large bulb, one egg, three tablespoons of a flour, to taste to put salt, black ground pepper, seasonings and spices.
For a stuffing: marinated mushrooms, cheese.

Preparation of forcemeat – dough requires the food processor or the mixer. If use the mixer, onions need to be crumbled small. A chicken liver to crush, add onions, egg, a flour, salt, pepper and spices. It is good to shake up everything.
Mushrooms small to chop, grate cheese on a large grater, to mix.
In a frying pan to warm vegetable oil, a tablespoon to lay out a portion of liver dough (on one meatball a tablespoon), from above to put a spoon of a stuffing and on it to pour out still a dough spoon. We cover, we steam, we fry thoroughly and we overturn on other party.
Meatballs very quickly prepare, the main thing – is good to crush a liver that there were no slices.