How to translate the text on the site

How to translate the text on the site

Need for use of machine translation arises in case the text located on the site is written in the language unfamiliar to the reader. Earlier for such translation local programs were used, and now for this purpose apply the special sites.

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Choose the automatic translator by means of whom you wish to make translation of site. It surely has to support language in which the text located on the site is written. Addresses of some of such services are given below:

Open the site of desirable service of machine translation in one tab of the browser, and the site which is subject to the translation - in another. Pass to that page of the site which is required to be translated.

For translation implementation only of a text fragment on the page arrive as follows. Allocate it by means of a mouse, then press the keys "Ctrl" + "C". Select the tab with the translator, press in the field of input - there will be a text cursor. Now press the keys "Ctrl" + "V". In Linux it is possible to allocate also simply the text in one tab, and then, having passed into another and having chosen the entry field, to press an average key of a mouse - manipulations with the keyboard will not be required. Choose original language and the translation and if original language is not familiar to you, select item corresponding to its automatic detection (at different services it is called differently). After that press the button of the beginning of the translation (at different services it is also called differently).

At once of all page make a transfer, having placed in a clipboard instead of a text fragment the address of this page. Having selected the tab with the site of service of the translation, copy URL or directly in the field for the text which is subject to the translation, or in the separate field intended for it if it is available. Further act the same as during the work with a fragment.

If you know language in which the text is written, but the separate words which are found in it are unfamiliar to you, instead of the automatic translator use the site dictionary. Some sites translators switch in this mode if instead of a fragment of the text or the phrase to enter the separate word. Thus all its homonyms are automatically removed. Also for this purpose there are specialized sites, in particular, the following: