How to create the full-fledged site

How to create the full-fledged site

Own full-fledged site can be ordered or made independently. The main thing – it is necessary to set the accurate tasks for himself or the developer of a resource. It is possible to create a full-fledged and high-quality portal by own efforts easily, important to know with what to begin.

It is required to you

- CMS;
- Photoshop or CorelDraw.

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Decide on the direction of future full-fledged site (the card of firm, information portal, the communicative center, online shop) and its marking.


Analyse a top of the first ten in delivery of search engines in the direction of your site. For example, if your site is devoted to landscaping, gather this inquiry in Google search engines and Yandex. Open top10 the sites and look at their design, quantity and subject of articles, photos, video.


Make own scheme of the site completely to reflect all the desires. It can be drawn on a sheet of paper. Let's return for example. The sites about landscaping in top10 have a photo gallery, news, interesting articles on a subject, video lessons. Means, in the developed portal all this has to be.


Add a forum and blogs if it is used for the private purposes to structure of the site. For a corporate resource existence of a form of feedback, for online store – the interactive catalog of production and a form of booking of the order will be obligatory.


Study one of control systems of the site (CMS) and basis of web-design. By means of CMS you will be able to create the unique site and to arrange all elements of structure as you imagine. The control system allows to connect easily various informers, a forum, blogs, to insert material, the catalog of production, etc. Without web-design to make the full-fledged original site it will not turn out.


Create unique style of the resource. Uncommon registration, navigation, tag cloud in a footer, unusual buttons can become striking distinctive features of your portal.


Consider opinion of people around at creation of the site. Choosing stylistics, interrogate some people that it is pleasant to them in the sites that is not present.


Fill the site with content, thus it is worth using not only text information, but also graphic. It is fine if you are able to pick up video for a subject of your site.


Add the site to an index. For this purpose create a private office in Yandex. Come into the Web Master tab.


Entrust advance of the site to professionals that your resource became full and was in demand for people. Without advance and search optimization it is impossible to attract worthy number of visitors, and the site will not get in top10 deliveries of searchers.


Do not wait for lightning return from work of your full-fledged site as only process of indexation to last from two weeks to one month. For promotion of your project at the initial stages it is possible to use offline advertizing or, for example, positive public relations at various forums.