How to patch a pipe

How to patch a pipe

The modern house is inconceivable without engineering systems which are in turn inconceivable without pipelines. Gas, hot and cold water, the heat carrier – all this is transported to our houses on pipes. Unfortunately, nobody can be insured from their break at which gas or water start filling the room, threatening with explosion or a flood. It is necessary to work in this case immediately.

It is required to you

– a sanitary adhesive tape ("an economic tape", "supertape", "the reinforced moisture resistant tape" and so forth);
– PVC insulating tape;
– a collar for pipelines;
– welding machine;
– metal leaf 0,5-1 mm thick;
– scissors on metal;
– rubber laying;
– metalwork tool.

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Close up damage to a pipe by means of a sanitary adhesive tape. For this purpose reel up some rounds of an adhesive tape at some distance (10-15 mm) from an opening and then continue its winding with effort to a pipe on a spiral to the direction of an opening. Reliably to block damage to a pipe is required to impose some layers of a tape.

Sanitary adhesive tapes possess the big durability, glutinosity, moisture resistance, heat stability (to +70 °C) and are capable to sustain pressure in some atmospheres. As temporary means can use and a usual insulating tape of PVC, however on the qualities it significantly concedes to a sanitary adhesive tape and it does not suit for sealing of pipes with hot water.

Well-tried remedy of seal of openings in pipes are the repair collars representing a steel or plastic tape with the pressurizing laying.
If you have such collar, exempt its ends from gearing with each other, having turned out a bolt or having nominated him from a fixing groove, dress a collar with laying on a pipe in a damage place, connect edges of a collar and tighten a bolt. The collar should be imposed so that damage was at an angle the little more, than 90 ° in relation to a tightening bolt. In this case on damage the greatest pulling together effort is necessary.

If in existence there is no sanitary adhesive tape and a collar, make the last independently. For this purpose cut off from a metal leaf a strip 20-40 mm wide (depending on the amount of damage). Length of a strip has to be more than length of a circle of a pipe on 30-40 mm. Bend flat-nose pliers of edge of a strip (on 20 mm from each edge) at an angle 90 °. Preparation has to assume an air of a letter "P". Using a pipe as a template, with effort round round it a strip, having given it the form of a collar.

Drill in regiments of a collar an opening for a tightening bolt. Insert rubber laying 2-3 mm thick in a collar. Dress a collar on a pipe in a place of damage and tighten a bolt. If the collar is made correctly, it will provide quite high quality of repair.

The steel pipe can be made electric welding – in case the pipe is not under pressure. Before starting welding, protect a work place from surrounding designs with a metal leaf – for prevention of the fire and causing damage to pokryvny material of a wall and a floor. Connect the earth plug to a pipe and carry out damage place tea leaves.