How to put on a lead a cat

How to put on a lead a cat

If you have a cat, you for certain know as her natural curiosity and draft is great to learn that occurs behind a door of the house or apartment. If the district, where do you live, allows, drive the pet on walks. But do not forget about safety. Remember that walking a cat without lead, it is difficult to avoid troubles. Sharp sounds, dogs, strangers – all this can frighten a cat and provoke her to escape.

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In pet-shop it is possible to get the special adaptation for a vygulivaniye of a cat – a breast-band. The breast-band is very easy to use, but from the first to understand how it is put on, happens pretty difficult.
The standard breast-band is made of a kapron tape with a felt lining and looks as the closed ring, with the thong attached to it. Thanks to existence of the regulator you can change the ring size depending on dimensions of your cat. By means of a carbine to a breast-band the lead in addition fastens.


The ring needs to be dressed on a neck of a cat through the head. Thus a breast-band it is necessary to arrange so that the carbine for fastening of a lead was from above, and the crossing point connecting a ring to a thong between forepaws of a cat.


Accurately push the right paw of an animal in space between a ring and a thong.


And pass the free end of a thong under the left paw and clasp. The fastener is near a place of fastening of a carbine for a lead.


The breast-band is dressed, but it is necessary that the cat felt in it comfortably. Put an animal on feet and check that the ring and a thong did not squeeze a throat and armpits. At the same time the breast-band has to sit rather densely that the cat did not escape. If necessary weaken or tighten a thong. Attach a lead to a breast-band.