How to organize picnic in the city

How to organize picnic in the city

The spring is felt everywhere — in singing of the birds, the first green leaflets which appeared on trees in a solar clear sky. There is a desire to leave the walls of stuffy apartments which bothered during the winter that the company to get out on the nature.

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In the city will surely find many places adapted for the organization of picnic outdoors: forest belt, grove, river embankment, city park. The main thing that here carrying out similar actions was authorized, and you thus did not break a public order. Take care that the place chosen by you was protected from the sun, and nearby there were no ant hills.

Make the menu. Meat products — chicken or the baked meat with ketchup, mustard or other hot sauce well will be suitable for picnic. It is possible to take candies, cookies, canned food. It is better to put products in a volume basket that the mountain of packages will look more appetizingly and picturesquely, than. Thanks to it stocks will not be rumpled.

If during picnic plan preparation of fish soup, the baked potatoes, a shish kebab, fried sausages and so forth, take care of necessary stock. Also a kettle firewood, and skewers, and a brazier, etc. will be necessary for fish soup, and fuel for a fire, both. Pickle meat for shish kebabs in advance.

Stock up with necessary amount of liquid. It is desirable that it was green tea or not carbonated mineral water. On picnic it is better to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages.

Take care that products did not demand special conditions of transportation. For various sandwiches cut houses all ingredients and put in separate packages, and outdoors make sandwiches. In this case they will be more attractive and with guarantee will not deteriorate on the way. The same belongs and to salads: take with yourself gas station, the washed-up vegetables and prepare quick.

Take damp napkins or towels, plastic ware, a corkscrew, an opener, a penknife. To clean the remains, surely stock up with garbage packages. Make the most imperceptible traces of your stay outdoors.