How to transfer money to Russia

How to transfer money to Russia

During the work abroad one of the most reasonable questions is timely sending money. It is natural if you periodically come home, you can always bring money, however in case it not so, is required to send you money.

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It is worth thinking of sending money in advance. Get two cash cards in one bank branch, located in your city – one on yourself, another on the relative to whom you plan to send money. Warn bank that you plan to go abroad in order to avoid casual blocking. On receipt of money put money for the card then send them to the card of your relative. As your cards are open in one branch of one bank, both the commission, and time for which the translation will reach the addressee, will be minimum.

Use possibilities of money transfers. One of the most widespread on a global scale are Western Union and Moneygram. For use of Western Union system first of all be convinced that at the city of the recipient there are offices in which it is possible to get the transfer. Choose the country of "Russian Federation" and press the Find a Service Station button. For sending money you will need the passport, exact full names of the recipient, and also the country and the city of its stay. Upon completion of operation will issue you control number of a money transfer which needs to be transferred to the recipient of money. Convenience of Western Union is that when using this service it is possible to receive money in any office of system in the city to which the translation was sent.

Moneygram is slightly less widespread, however has lower commission than Western Union. For sending money find service stations in that city in which there is an addressee. Write down the address and a contact information of one of them, specify it when sending money. After payment reception identification number of operation will be issued to you. Transfer him to the recipient of money. For receiving money it will be required to show the passport, to call the city and the country of sending, and also identification number of operation.