How to activate Abbyy lingvo

How to activate Abbyy lingvo

Abbyy lingvo represents a set of dictionaries and translators who allow to work with texts in more than twenty languages of the world. This company develops various software products both for computers, and for smartphones.

It is required to you

- the computer with Internet access.

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Pass to the site ABBYY lingvo to establish and activate this program: By http://www, choose a product which is necessary to you for work, names are lower and descriptions of the program click the link "Buy".


Further choose program type (dictionaries, programs for recognition or mobile applications), choose the program, issue purchase online to execute activation of ABBYY lingvo. This action is necessary to transfer the program from the demonstration (fact-finding) mode to the full-function mode. In the fact-finding mode the program is available within fifteen days.


Download the adjusting file of the program. Establish it on the computer. Automatically after start of the program "The master of activation" by means of whom it is possible to execute activation of the ABBYY lingvo program will be started. If the master did not appear, pass into a program window.


To activate the ABBYY lingvo program, pass into the Reference menu, further select the Activate Dictionaries item, carry out instructions of the master of activation. Reboot that changes came into force.


Execute activation of the ABBYY lingvo program on the site. For this purpose start the browser and follow the link To execute activation of versions of the Lingvo x3 or x5 program, choose appropriate section on the page, fill the field Product ID, and also the field "Serial Number", press the Activate button. As a result you receive the file of activation, it needs to be used for work of the master in a program window.


For activation of the program of versions 9,10, 11 or 12 pass into appropriate section of the page, enter number of your software product into the field Installation ID or Product ID - he can be learned in the course of installation of the program. In the following field enter a serial turn of the programme. In reply to you the activation code which needs to be used in the master will be provided.