as it is correct to cook a borsch

as it is correct to cook a borsch
The borsch is the most favourite and widespread first course which is found for lunch. Recipes and ways of preparation of this tasty dish huge number. Nevertheless, how it is correct to cook a borsch?

The first rule for a tasty borsch is a good rich meat broth. Meat for broth will descend any, but than more time cooks broth, that it becomes nasyshchenny more fragrantly. If at you water boils away, add in a pan of boiled water. Cold water cannot be added as it will spoil taste of broth. It is not recommended to salt broth right at the beginning as it will lose the useful properties. Preparation of broth will take about an hour from you.

While broth prepares, be engaged in preparation of other ingredients for a borsch. Peel potatoes of a peel and cut it. As soon as broth is ready, take out from it meat and send potatoes to a pan.

Following potatoes there is a cabbage. For a borsch use both fermented, and fresh, and in some recipes even mix both that and other cabbage. Everything depends on your preferences.

It is best of all to chop cabbage it is very thin, it is so more tasty and more beautiful. As soon as you are convinced that potatoes cooked half, send cabbage to a pan. Do not cover a pan while the cabbage cooks, differently its unpleasant smell will spoil pleasant aroma of a borsch. There are recipes where instead of cabbage add a beet tops of vegetable, a sorrel.

Following cabbage beet will go to a pan. It is better to cut it in half that it did not lose color. From it the borsch will become beautiful claret color. In many recipes recommend: in order that beet did not lose the color, to sprinkle it juice of a lemon or vinegar. But it should be done when you cut beet straws.

While beet cooks, we are engaged in pan-frying and stewing of vegetables. It is better to cut vegetables small, so the borsch will be more tasty. On a frying pan with the warmed vegetable oil it is browned the cut onions, paprika, carrots. That onions did not burn slightly, it is better to put it in a frying pan in the last turn, after carrots and pepper. When vegetables are almost ready, we add tomato paste and we leave to be extinguished some more minutes on small fire. After that we fill a borsch with ready "zazharka".

In a couple of minutes the borsch should be salted to taste and to season with bay leaf, parsley, fennel, green onions, and also to add 1-2 garlic gloves. Let's a borsch be drawn minutes twenty after switching off.

Pour a borsch on plates, serve to it sour cream and bread. Well croutons supplement a borsch.

Bon appetit!