As in Excel to construct the histogram

As in Excel to construct the histogram

In the Microsoft Office Excel program it is possible to create charts of various types. The histogram is a chart in which data are presented in the form of vertical columns of various height values for which undertake from the set cells.

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Start the Excel application and enter data on the basis of which the stylar chart will be created. Allocate the necessary range of cells, including names of lines and columns which will be used in a chart legend subsequently.

Pass to the Insert tab. At a standard toolbar in the section "Charts" press the Histogram button miniature. In a drop-down menu choose that sample which best of all will be suitable for your purposes from the offered options. The histogram can be conic, pyramidal, cylindrical or to look, as a usual rectangular column.

Allocate the created histogram, having clicked it with the left button of a mouse. The Work with Charts context menu with three tabs will become available: "Designer", "Model" and "Format". To adjust a type of the chart at discretion – to change type, to arrange data in other order, to choose suitable style of registration – use the Designer tab.

On the Model tab edit histogram contents: appropriate the name to the chart and axes of coordinates, set a way of display of a grid and so on. The part of operations can be executed in a window of the chart. Click, for example, across the field "The name of the chart" with the left button of a mouse, the specified area will be allocated. Remove the available text and enter own. To leave the mode of editing the chosen field, click with the left button of a mouse in any place outside the boundaries of allocation.

By means of the Format tab adjust the histogram sizes, pick up color, a contour and effects for figures, using appropriate sections at a toolbar. The part of operations with the chart can be also executed using a mouse. So that to change the histogram area size, you can either use the section "Size", or bring the cursor to a corner of the chart and, holding the mouse pressed the left button, to pull a contour in the necessary party.

Also for setting up the histogram it is possible to use the context menu caused through click by the right button of a mouse on histogram area. If the chart entirely is allocated, general settings will be available. To edit concrete group of data, at first allocate it, then in a drop-down menu there will be options for the allocated fragment.