How to put the L sound

How to put the L sound

The problem meets pronunciation of sounds at many children, and most often correction is demanded by a pronunciation of sounds, difficult for kids, "р" and "l". If parents pay attention to a problem in time and will take measures for correction of a pronunciation of the child, he without effort will cope with a difficult sound, and further the speech of the child will be correct, pure and accurate.

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For the correct correction of the speech of the kid it is worth first of all to teach him distinguishing sounds, allocating from them a concrete sound of "l". Then it is necessary to create a complex of articulation exercises, carrying out which, the child learns to say correctly sounds, and these articulation exercises can differ, depending on what mistakes the child makes in a pronunciation.


If the child replaces a sound of "l" with a sound "й", the cause of error consists in the wrong provision of language – instead of rising to the sky, it remains below. Teach the child to hold a language tip behind teeth, to press it to upper teeth and the top sky, lifting back part of a back of language, and lowering forward part.


If instead of the correct letter the child says "at", it means that the problem of sound education is covered not in language, and in the wrong position of lips. The child in this case has to learn not to extend lips a tubule forward, saying a sound of "l". Be trained together with the child to say the necessary letter in front of the mirror, repeating a syllable of "la" and watching that lips were motionless.


In a case when "l" is replaced with a sound "ы", the tip of language remains lowered, and back part of a back of language – lifted. You can correct such pronunciation the same as in case of replacement of the necessary sound on "й".


If the sound of "l" is replaced on "in", the child's language in general remains motionless, and the lower lip which touches upper teeth participates in sound education. For correction of this mistake it is necessary to accustom the child not to connect a lower lip to a pronunciation of the letter "l" - teach the child on command to lower a lower lip and to hold it in the omitted situation some seconds, and then to lift back to an upper lip. With the lowered lip the child has to train to touch upper teeth a language tip.


When the back part of language of the child at a pronunciation of "l" concerns the top sky, and the tip of language does not take part in the speech, instead of the letter "l" the child says "". Give to the child some exercises which will help it to understand that language it is necessary to concern not back part of the sky, but the top point of forward cutters.


The child has to try to say a sound "ы", holding a language tip behind upper teeth. The received sound will remind "l". Then ask the child to say repeatedly a sound "ыа", doing sound extraction sharp. After that the child has to clamp language between teeth and repeat the same sound to get used to turned-out "la".


Also for statement of the correct sound of "l" it is possible to use tongue twisters in which this sound meets often. It is possible to say tongue twisters slowly, but thus accurately pronouncing all syllables.