How to buy the second-hand car

How to buy the second-hand car

Second-hand cars cost much cheaper than the new. And after all in them, except a standard set of options and accessories, is established by the former owners. It both alarm system, and disks, and case pallet, etc. The main thing at a choice of the vehicle which was in the use - to examine the car carefully, and it is best of all to drive away it on diagnostics in service.

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Begin search of the second-hand car with friends. Tell to relatives and neighbors that you look for the car. Perhaps, someone sells the or knows the one who wants to change the vehicle. Buying the car at the acquaintance, chance to get low-quality much less. The loved one will honestly tell that in it not and what advantages at it. To deceive you to it there is no sense.

If the suitable car among acquaintances was not, ask for the help in the Internet. Publish announcements of purchase on the websites,, Describe, what model you look for, year of release, run. Add as much as possible information. So you will avoid calls with offers to buy absolutely not that it is necessary for you.

Look for messages on sale independently. It is possible to make it on the same sites or having bought an advertiser about sale and purchase of cars. Agree with owners about survey of the interesting vehicles.

On survey take with yourself the person who understands cars. It is also desirable to get the device which measures the level of a paint and varnish covering. With its help you learn, whether there was a car in accident.

Having chosen the necessary car, check existence of documents, necessary for sale. It:

- the passport of the vehicle (PV), with data on the car and its former owners;
- certificate on registration of the car;
- the power of attorney certified notarially (if selling is not the owner), that he can represent interests of the owner at commission of the registration actions issued in the order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation (No. 488 of June 04, 2007) - the original and the copy;
- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or the identity card of the officer with the reference of F7;
- receipts on payment of the state tax for removal of the car from the account;
- policy of obligatory insurance of a motor vehicle liability (optional).

Go to one of the organizations authorized to register transactions with cars. Their list can be specified at the stand in the nearest office of traffic police. There will prepare the contract on purchase and sale for which it is obligatory at statement of the car on the account.

Having collected a set of documents, go to department of traffic police of a registration place. There the car will be checked on base, registered and will issue new numbers.