How to make a float

How to make a float

Many fishermen know: for good fishing the good rod, a scaffold, a bait and a float is necessary. By means of a float it is possible to define, whether there is a poklevka or not. It is very important, especially if you are engaged so-called in "passive fishing" when the rod costs to itself on an emphasis, and you have a rest aside and wait for a biting. You can independently make to yourself a good float, having read before it this instruction.

It is required to you

Polyfoam fine;
Emery paper;
Steel wire;
Waterproof black paint.

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So, all materials are ready – it is possible to begin. Take a piece of fine polyfoam the sizes of 12х1х1 cm, a file or a knife give it the spindle-shaped form. Now take an emery paper (the less granularity, the better) and grind a preparation surface that it became smooth to the touch.


After production of preparation for the float you can start doing accessories. For this purpose take a piece of a thick and strong steel wire with a diameter about 1 mm. Length of a piece has to make 4-4,5 cm. So at you the core for fastening of a float will turn out.


Now take a wooden toothpick and on it establish a small ball or a bead of any bright color that it was well noticeable. The loop for a transmission of a scaffold can be made of a slice of a copper delay.


After that use a pricker for making of openings in preparation, grease all parts of accessories properly with glue and insert them into the corresponding openings on penoplastovy preparation. Wait for full drying of glue.


The float needs to be painted now. Use a waterproof black varnish for this purpose better. Only do not paint over a top or paint it in the white color. It is one antenna better to apply paint of bright red color.


In completion weight a float so that at its immersion in water only its tip with the antenna stuck out.