How to prepare chicken forcemeat fritters with porridge?

How to prepare chicken forcemeat fritters with porridge?
And again unloved porridge masks. This time under gentle chicken forcemeat. In a ready dish to sort where that is almost impossible, oat flakes are not felt at all and cutlets with pure soul can be given out for the meat. Very gentle, juicy and tasty.

Necessary products

Glass of oat flakes
Glass of kefir (or milk, water, the divorced sour cream)
400 grams of chicken forcemeat
One bulb
One egg
Seasonings and spices, salt – to taste
Vegetable oil
Two – three garlic gloves


To fill in flakes with liquid and to leave for 10 – 15 minutes that slightly bulked up. Onions very small to cut or grate, crush garlic and together with egg to add to forcemeat. It is good to vent, strew with seasonings, spices, to lay out oat flakes in forcemeat, to salt to taste and to vent dough. It has to turn out ropish, as forcemeat.

In a frying pan to warm vegetable oil, a tablespoon to take dough and to spread on a frying pan at small distance. When the bottom is reddened – to turn and fry the second party. It is necessary to fry fritters on average fire. When all are ready, to put them in a frying pan, to cover and on the smallest fire to leave for about five minutes.

In fritters absolutely there is no flour therefore they can be used instead of cutlets in house sandwiches, hamburgers. The roll is cut in half, greased with ketchup and supplemented with cheese, a cutlet, greens. It is possible to warm in a microwave.