How to choose a movie camera

How to choose a movie camera

The film is shot both on film chambers, and on the digital. Now the second gain popularity because significantly reduce the price of production and have lower cost. But it is possible to shoot the film and on an amateur chamber.

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Proceeding from requirements to quality of the image and the budget of studio, decide on what sum you can spend for a movie camera. If you want to shoot one movie and you have no further plans, perhaps, you will suit rent of a movie camera. Then it is possible to choose more advanced model.

If you shoot a feature film, choose a chamber with good optics. No matter, you shoot film on film Konvas cameras or on the modern RED ONE digital camera, everywhere the optics will have crucial importance. For example, for Krzysztof Kislevsky's movie "Short history about murder" about 400 filters were created. And the movie of the director Mikhail Kalatozoshvili "A wild field" was completely shot on srednefokusny optics.

If you have a small budget, pay attention to digital Canon MarkII 7D cameras. These cameras have the mode of video filming and give very high quality of the picture close to a film. Rent of such equipment will manage much cheaper than the RED ONE camera. For example, one of series of Doctor House was shot with such camera.

If you shoot documentary film, bulky movie cameras with constantly replaced optics to you can not approach. Pay attention to easy digital cameras which write down the image in a HD format. At such chamber all settings have to be regulated manually. Their control is exercised by means of buttons and rings. It is desirable that the chamber had an exit for connection of a microphone.

Carry out the test of a chamber. Despite the declared parameters of sensitivity and a color rendition each chamber is individual. Try to shoot in the movement, in the dark or at bad light, a poreguliruyta all settings. Thanks to testing of a movie camera you will be able to estimate its opportunities. It is desirable to copy the image which is written down during tests and to watch it on different screens.