How to polish a windshield

How to polish a windshield

To eliminate superficial scratches and attritions with method of polishing of a surface of a windshield of the car it is possible independently, without asking for the expensive help masters of specialized service. This process not difficult, but demands from the worker of a certain skill and patience.

It is required to you

- polishing paste for glasses,
- tampons,
- polishing circle,
- pure napkins from soft, not containing pile, fabrics;
- liquid for purification of glasses,
- a spray for water.

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The decisive factor defining a choice for independent polishing of a forward windshield is the economy of means of the family budget. You will not call services of this sort cheap. And expenses on time will take away no more than three hours.


Procedure of polishing of a surface of glass begins with its careful sink during which any pollution are removed. Then cleaning with the prepared liquid and moistening of the processed site with water from a spray is made.


Damp glass by means of a tampon becomes covered by an insignificant layer of paste. And after putting polish on a circle, it is pounded on a surface by vigorous roundabouts without application of excessive efforts.