How to start losing weight

How to start losing weight

Quite often it happens so that, having started losing intensively weight, the person stops halfway. It is more connected not with physical fatigue or employment at work, and with insufficient motivation and psychological weakness. There are some principles, following which will allow surely to start losing weight and to reach desirable results.

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Set a goal which you wish to reach: to dump, for example, 1-2 kg or 30 kg. Depending on it it will be possible to choose for himself the most suitable methods. The picked-up program has to be accurately installed, do not allow the slightest course deviations.

Do not distract on foreign affairs, departing from the schedule. Accurately observe time of trainings. To reach positive results, it is necessary to endow something.

Observe moderation in trainings. If many forces are spent for them, there will be an overtraining. You should not think also that having lifted dumbbells several times, you carry out a task. The correct training cycles, with the sufficient tension and rest are necessary. If you cannot develop the program for yourself independently, ask for the help the trainer.

To anybody and never compare yourself. Consider that fact that each person has the genetics of an organism influencing a set and loss of weight and in own way reacting to trainings.

That when performing a certain training cycle you were not bothered by the same exercises, diversify them, after all each exercise can find alternatives.

Watch that you eat and drink. Get a notebook and bring in it any eaten product. Every time ask a question "Why I I eat it?". When the answer to it is - to you boringly, you are angry or lonely, - do not eat. Eat only when you are hungry. Think that it is necessary to undertake, for overcoming of desire to eat something in the absence of feeling of hunger. Perhaps, you will be helped by reading, a short dream, a call to the girlfriend, etc.

Do not pass meals and instead of doing the portions it is insignificant small, only strengthening feeling of hunger, include vegetables, fruit, cereals, proteinaceous food in the diet better.