How to block the folder

How to block the folder

There are such situations when it is necessary to limit access to the folder to the personal computer. It becomes usually for safety and confidentiality of data. When you work at home, it not such big problem. But here if you at work have the general file server on which the lot of information available by all and to everyone is stored, a problem of saving of personal files superfluous becomes much more serious. What exit? That your personal data did not watch everything, establish the password on the folder.

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For installation of the password on the folder there is a set of programs which work by one principle and differ only in the external interface and some trifles. These are such programs, as: Zserver Suite, Folder Guard, MyFolder, Hide Folders, Locker. Let's consider the principle of their action on the example of the MyFolder program. She is able to hide folders, to cipher and put passwords on folders, files, drawings and other. Besides that folders remain hidden from excess eyes, they also cannot be removed (without yours on that permissions).


By the way, if to move the protected folder on other logical section or even on the removable carrier, it remains protected. It will allow you to protect the information from theft, loss of data and violation of privacy. Whether it be your child, the friend, the employee, even a virus, a worm or the spyware-program, to your files and folders of access to receive anybody and nothing will be able.


So, in the presence of the program on the hard drive establish it and start. Find a button of "New" in the appeared window and create the protected folder. Further the program will ask you to enter in the specified fields the password with confirmation, to call the folder and to show that place, and also to specify a full way to it by means of a button of "Browse". Now press "Create" and you have a folder with the password.


This folder will be displayed further in the main window of your program. The right button of a mouse you can unblock the folder (Unlock) or block (Lock). The only minus of similar programs – in order that the folder to block or unblock, it is necessary to open a window of the program and to make conceived there. If subsequently the program is for some reason removed, you will not be able to get to the folder protected by you in any way.


In attempt to come into the blocked folder except a sound of a mistake of people will receive nothing. To come into it it is necessary to open an aaplet and to enter the password.