How to make the content analysis

How to make the content analysis

The content analysis is one of the most important methods of scientific work. Any, more or less serious scientific work will always include this method. Successful carrying out the content analysis guarantees success of all scientific work in general.

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The content analysis - one of the most productive and inexpensive methods. It is applied in the sphere of policy, mass media, sciences, medicine, psychology. Thanks to it informative results in which objectivity is inherent turn out.

The content analysis this some kind of research of various materials for definition of own conclusion. It will be a conclusion about contents of any publication, or its statistics. On the purposes of the analysis two types – the quantitative or qualitative content analysis are allocated. The quantitative analysis will be calculation of any data on the publication, collecting statistics (number of words, tables, phrases and other parameters of the text). The qualitative analysis will be calculation of any data, the facts important for the researcher and his work.


Any content analysis consists of 3 stages:

- definition of object of the analysis;

- quantitative calculation of mentions of object of research, detection of interdependence and communications;

- interpretation and an assessment of the obtained data, identification of prospects of research or the studied object.


The content analysis is directed on studying of obvious materials and on identification of the valid sense in the text. Besides usual calculations difficult statistical receptions are actively used (for example, correlation).
Investigating a certain problem for the analysis, it is necessary to choose works not only some specific author. It is necessary to find other sources on a subject and to carry out also their analysis and to apply a comparative method of research.

Also it is necessary to take into account that the analysis relies on judgments of the specific researcher therefore it is not always possible to speak about objectivity of research. Than more than researchers who are carrying out the analysis of one source, subjects a high probability of obtaining high level of objectivity of research. It thanks to that as a result more people come to consensus.