What districts of Moscow the most polluted

What districts of Moscow the most polluted

Adverse ecological situation - a lack of residence in megalopolises. However degree of impurity of areas in big cities differs. In Moscow, for example, there are options with more or less comfortable conditions for life in this sense.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Districts of Moscow the Most Polluted" How to make calculation about negative impact on environment How to determine the area in Moscow by phone How to protect the nature Unfortunately, Moscow is not only the wonderful, beautiful, dynamically developing, big and interesting city, but also very dirty, dusty. Inhabitants of some parts of the capital suffer from high concentration of harmful substances in air, lack of green plantings and bad water.

The most polluted districts of Moscow are what are located near highways, or other big stream of transport, and also about the enterprises of a heat power complex, plants.

Because of exhausts of harmful substances from motor transport such areas as Brateyevo, Maryino and Lyublino suffer. There are no green massifs, parks which can smooth a situation. Not better affairs are and in the center of Moscow: to live in limits of a garden ring – means daily to inhale harmful volatiles. Therefore, having put as opposed to an attractive geographical arrangement of this area a critical situation in respect of ecology, properly think, to get the apartment here or in more green place.

Inhabitants of the South-East of the capital suffer from the neighbourhood with the enterprises of the industry. Here, along the Moskva River, their set. Activity of the plants concentrated in this area, of course, sharply negatively influences a state of environment. Therefore to the polluted sites of the city it is possible to add Kapotnya.

The ecology in the Central and Southeast districts, namely, in Marino, Yasenevo, Otradnoye and Vykhino, is exposed to danger because of an arrangement of heat supply facilities here.

The overestimated content of hydrogen sulfide is observed in the areas bred near oil refinery, and also treatment facilities: Kuryanovsky and Lyubertsy. Are dissatisfied with strong air pollution and Kozhukhovo's inhabitants.

If you are faced by a residence choice, pay attention to such areas, as Zelenograd, Mitino, Strogino, Yasenevo, Krylatskoye, Tyoply Stan. Here the ecological situation is optimum.