How to treat tipun in language

How to treat tipun in language

At insufficient hygiene of an oral cavity easily there are pathological changes in a mouth. The slightest trauma can lead to formation of dense education in language – a tipuna. Also the infection can be a cause of illness. Treatment of a tipun most successfully at early stages of a disease.

It is required to you

- soda;
- sea-buckthorn oil;
- oil of a dogrose or peach oil;
- broth of a chistotel or St. John's Wort;
- camomile decoctions, sage, oak bark;
- propolis or honey;
- ekhinatseya.

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Eliminate the reason of traumatizing language: correct crowns, replace seals.


Regularly brush teeth and observe hygiene of an oral cavity. Put for some time to a tipun a small amount of the toothpaste containing calcium.


Rinse a mouth each 3 hours soda solution (1 teaspoon of soda on a glass of water, plus some drops of iodine).


Do applications by sea-buckthorn oil. For this purpose apply an oil droplet on a wadded tampon, apply on tipun, take some minutes.


Well healing is promoted by oil of a dogrose or peach oil. Oil a painful site of language. Repeat procedure several times.


Apply acetate on the damaged Retinolum place. Open a capsule with vitamin a sharp subject and squeeze out contents on tipun, take some minutes.


Prepare broth of a chistotel or St. John's Wort. Fill in with a glass of boiled water 1 tablespoon of the chosen grass, cover. After cooling of broth filter it and rinse a mouth. Except broths of a St. John's Wort and chistotel it is possible to use also other anti-inflammatory a camomile decoctions, a sage, oak bark.


Put slices of propolis to damage or grease tipun with honey. If honey liquid, grease with it a wadded tampon and apply to damage, take some minutes, if necessary changing a tampon.


Accept the vitamins and preparations increasing immunity. A natural immunoexcitant is ekhinatseya, it is a part of many immune preparations which are on sale in a drugstore.


Eat properly, do not use salty, sour, sharp and very hot food. During treatment do not injure language rough food, give preference to the wiped dietary dishes. Do not drink sparkling water.


Refuse addictions: smoking, alcohol. Smokers are in a zone of risk of developing of diseases of a mouth.