How to get rid of fat on hip inside

How to get rid of fat on hip inside

To clean fat from the inside of a hip – rather complex challenge which can be solved, diligent carrying out a set of exercises. Pay attention to the habits of food, reduce amount of fats and simple carbohydrates, add useful products to the diet.

It is required to you

ball or pillow

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Straighten a back, sit down on a floor, bend feet in knees, close a foot. Inhale, press on knees hands during an exhalation, try to press them to a floor as if. Execute 15-20 repetitions.


Lying on a back, bend feet in knees, a foot put on a floor, place them most widely. Put a pillow or an elastic ball between feet, shift a foot, press a basin to a floor, straining a press, cramp hips. Repeat exercise of 10 times.


Repeat the previous exercise, having tightened knees to a trunk, clamp a pillow (ball) knees, count to 10 and relax feet. Execute exercise of 10 times.


Lay down on a back, extend feet up, having clamped a ball between stupnyam. Pull heels up, count to 10. Repeat exercise of 10 times.


Lying on a floor, rest hands against a floor and raise the straightened feet at right angle to a floor. Part feet in the parties, then reduce, bend them in knees and repeat exercise. Alternate straight lines and the bent feet, repeat exercise of 10-15 times.


Lying on the left side, bend a hand in an elbow, rest an elbow against a floor, hold the head a hand. Bend the right foot in a knee and put it on a floor. Delay a sock of the left foot, raise it it is low from a floor, then lower. Repeat 10 times, then, stop in the top point, detain a foot for 10 seconds after that make 10 rockings. Repeat exercise for the right foot.


Get up directly, rest hands against a wall, then, standing on one foot, raise other foot and carry out it against the stop before yourself, then to the opposite side, feet have to be a little bent in knees. Execute 10-15 repetitions. Change feet and repeat exercise.