How to train the lefthander

How to train the lefthander

Lefthanders possess an independent way of thinking and creative endowments. But it is considered that "levoruky" children have problems to training. Average school programs are not guided by features of such pupils therefore parents should belong with special attention to development and training of the child.

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Psychologists recommend to refuse a reeducation of the child lefthander and warn that change of the leading hand is interfaced to intervention in activity of a brain. Children can have neurotic symptoms: stutter, fears, enuresis, violation of appetite and dream, tics, slackness and block.

Having refused change of the leading hand at the child lefthander, give daily 15-20 minutes to exercises and games which promote development of a motility. It can be swimming, a molding, weaving of a macrame, knitting, embroidery.

"Levorukiye" children are usually very sluggish and with great difficulty start occupations. Stock up with patience and create a benevolent situation. It will calm emotionally unstable lefthanders, differently they can panic and do a heap of mistakes.

Explain material step by step. It will help the child to build a logical chain and to recreate an overall picture of the acquired.

For fixing of sequence of actions use creative tasks. For example, creation of illustrations to fairy tales and stories. Surely ask then the child to retell contents of the literary work according to the drawn picture. Can suggest the lefthander to make the story on a series of subject drawings. Well for this purpose children's comics will approach.

When training the lefthander in the letter consider possibility of emergence of "mirror" writing of letters. If such occurs, softly and tactfully point to the child to it.

During performance of written tasks strictly fix a place of the beginning of record and watch observance of a line. Pay attention to phonetic (sound) structure of the word. It will help to warn and eradicate spelling errors.

Because of need to solve a number of problems at the same time, lefthanders have problems at writing off. Therefore performance of such tasks takes from them much more time. Do not hurry the child at all.

During reading children lefthanders often lose lines and try to read the text from the middle or from right to left. To help the child at the first grade levels, close the page a blank sheet, leaving opened only a readable syllable. Gradually accustom the child to do it independently. Let it carry out such auxiliary action until starts watching automatically after line and to choose the necessary direction.