How to endure dismissal from work

How to endure dismissal from work

Loss of a workplace because of sudden dismissal creates a stressful situation. But to each worker in power to cope with the status "being" with the minimum nervous shocks. What to do if you appeared "behind a board"?

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At first there is a rage which is replaced by thoughts that from now on to you will never carry with the adequate administration later, and dismissal will become a cataract in the service record on for the rest of the life. Drive these alarms away. In this difficult situation you need not to sob at doors of an office of the CEO, having put on a skin of "a poor lamb", and to learn a reason for leaving and to understand all payments which rely you under the law. Hold this moment "on a front sight", do not allow the administration to expose you on the street with anything even if you have additional earnings.


The second step – control over emotions: pity to itself, offense for the shown injustice in your address, fear for the further life. Do not threaten the top management of "punishment" at all, and resolve issues sure business language, as required appealing excerpts from the relevant acts. If you break on insults, be sure that to you not to see the positive recommendation, as ears. And if you are going to continue work in the same professional course, the new chief cannot learn everything about your person on the previous place of work. Draw conclusions and leave adequately.


Perceive a situation not so grandiose fiasco and as a door in new life. When emotions cease, think that at now former work you after all learned much, found skills, acquired communications. Now came to solve time how to operate on this stage. Perhaps, you thought of leaving earlier, but delayed this moment because of fear to remain without work. Anyway, now you have at least couple of options of further succession of events. You or send the summary (updated the increased experience) to the same specialty, or master business, absolutely new to you, which will really please you.