How to learn to move

How to learn to move

Dance – a way of self-expression. If to take this definition as a basis, to learn will move much more simply. The movements need to be felt, understood each part of the body. It is possible to reach perfection top in dances and without leaving the house. Remember, harmony of soul and a body not the last component in choreography.

It is required to you

- desire
- feeling of a rhythm

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Realize, the movement which you learn – result of someone's experience. Feel it in own way so that it was pleasant to you that it gave you pleasure.


Concentrate on the movement. Think, what emotions it causes in you, feeling. That, perhaps, to you prevents to carry out this linking of movements. Get rid of complexes.


Estimate yourself from outside. Here the old reliable tool – a mirror will help. Not in vain at all dancing schools of halls it is trimmed by mirrors on all perimeter. It will help to coordinate your movements correctly.


Develop yourself in dance. Sign up for choreography courses, get in the nearest musical shop (market) of video with individual lessons of dances, look at information on the Internet.


As soon as you like that you do, safely show new skill to relatives. They will objectively estimate your skill and will direct you on conquest of new tops. Dances are a bottomless sea of self-improvement.