You heard Cake layers about a pie?

You heard Cake layers about a pie?
Though the pie "Cake layers" also has rather strange and not so romantic name, but taste at it excellent. Do not trust? Then try …

Recipe of cake layers:
3 tablespoons of honey;
1 glass of sugar;
100 grams of butter;
3 eggs;
3-5 glasses of a flour;
2/3 teaspoons of the soda extinguished by vinegar.

We add sugar and soft butter to the kindled honey, we mix everything and we bring to boiling. We allow the turned-out mix to cool down a little then we add to it 3 the shaken-up eggs, soda, extinguished vinegar, we pour 3-5 glasses of a flour and we knead dough (it should not be too abrupt, differently cake layers will be badly rolled).
We divide dough into 5 parts, we roll each of which in a cake layer and we bake in an oven.
We impregnate all cake layers with cream.

Recipe of cream:
½ banks of condensed milk;
200 grams of butter.

From above we water a pie with chocolate.

Recipe of chocolate:
3 teaspoons of cocoa;
3 tablespoons are swept away;
3 tablespoons of sugar;
50 grams of butter.

Cocoa it is pounded with sour cream, we add sugar, butter, we put on fire and we bring chocolate to boiling.
From above the pie can be strewed with nuts and raisin.
Bon appetit!