How to make romantic evening unforgettable

How to make romantic evening unforgettable

So, you will have an appointment. Also there are all bases to believe its romantic, to hope for emergence of feelings and the relations. Or their revival that too is good. The impression can be made on the girl in many ways, it is necessary to give vent to the imagination only.

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If you are fans of sharp impressions, jump in couple from "tarzanka" - similar extremely topical entertainment now available not only in the large cities. If appointment takes place in a warm season, the nezabyvayemost will precisely provide a jump combination from 20-30 meter height with partial immersion in water. To fly towards to a water smooth surface, to steep and right there to jump out outside as if a stopper from under champagne – adrenaline in veins will begin to seethe and these feelings will not be forgotten.


Arrange a dinner or in an unusual place, or from unfamiliar dishes, or both at once. You, for certain, heard more than once words like "fuagr" or "paella" - so decide to try it at last. The kitchen of other people of the world can be not only unusual, but also very tasty.


Organize much more budgetary, but not less memorable dinner on a big wheel, or in the last tram reaching in park. To agree for a moderate payment with the personnel, most likely, will not make special problems, but such appointment is capable will be remembered well.


Strike with the appearance and non-standard behavior. For this purpose it is not obligatory to come in a suit of Mickey Mouse or hare from "Playboy", similar experiments are pertinent rather at the closed parties. But also in the populous city it is possible to amaze the darling, having got a knightly spur from a pocket, to fall by one knee in the middle of the street or the square, and to say with pathos: "Make me in knights, my queen! Your Lancelot swears true to be and honor of the lady to appreciate above own life!" Such it is not forgotten.


Be prepared for joyful surprises beforehand, taking into account addictions of your "half". All means from an arsenal of wedding surprises are good and on romantic appointment: the same snow-white pigeons, either a cloud of balloons, or the romantic music which suddenly burst from bushes over paths of old park. Also they impress with the surprise.