How to be connected to the Internet

How to be connected to the Internet

Connection of the Internet to the house or the apartment – business quite troublesome therefore before making a final decision, it is necessary to define accurately, in what purposes you are going to use the Internet, what minimum speed to you it is required and what volume of information you are going to use monthly.

It is required to you

- prospectuses and booklets of providers of your area;
- calculator.

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Choose connection type. Today there are some ways. Depending on your requirements and opportunities choose any of them.

Dial-up, or the switched remote access. The easiest and cheap way of connection which is gradually consigning to the past. Connection requires the working telephone line and unpretentious dial-up the modem – external or built-in. The cost of the modem is from $10. Pluses – the low price, availability to the remote areas. Minuses – the low speed (56 kbps), impossibility of simultaneous use of the Internet and phone.

ADSL, or asymmetric digital subscriber line. Connection requires the working telephone line and the ADSL modem. The cost of the modem varies from 20 to $100 depending on model, the producer, additional functions, etc. Pluses – high speed (to 24 Mbps), simplicity and availability, possibility of use of phone and the Internet at the same time. Minuses – direct dependence on the telephone line and its quality.

FTTx, or optical fiber to a point of X or "the allocated line". The network hub, the area, the building, the apartment can be a point of X. Pluses – high speed (to 100 Mbps), absence of need for the telephone line and the modem. Minuses – complexity of connection. Often the optical fiber covers not all areas and if to you "has the luck" to live in that area where the optical fiber is not present, it is necessary to agree with provider that to you it was stretched. This quite expensive procedure not to everyone on a pocket, and it is unprofitable to stretch a cable at own expense to provider.

Satellite Internet. The most expensive way of connection. Is suitable for the remote areas which do not have telecommunication. There are two types of satellite connection – symmetric and asymmetric. Pluses – independence of land lines (at symmetric connection), quite good speed of reception (about 4 Mbps), opportunity to accept satellite TV channels. Minuses – the expensive equipment, complexity of connection, less low reliability in comparison with land connection.

Mobile Internet. Quite convenient way of connection. Pluses – possibility of use of the mobile phone instead of the modem, quite high speed (to 8 Mbps). Minuses – rather small cover zone, dependence of speed on load of a mobile network.


Choose provider and a package of services or a tariff. Today the majority of providers provide almost equivalent tariffs, with a small difference in conditions and the price. Therefore at a choice of provider the main criterion is reliability. To define degree of reliability of this or that provider, address to users of a certain supplier the connection Internet. Usually it can be made at a forum or the site of provider where users leave the responses, wishes and remarks.

After you decided on a choice of provider – contact it, leave the demand, and after a certain term (from 2 days to 2 weeks), depending on a way of connection and efficiency of the provider to you will connect the Internet. At a choice of the mobile Internet connection happens instantly, on condition of the switched-on phone to function of the modem or in the presence of 3G or 4G of the modem.