How to prepare dahlias for landing

How to prepare dahlias for landing

Dahlias belong to family of slozhnotsvetny plants and total 15 grades which are grown up in the form of cultural plants on personal plots, at dachas and on city beds in the form of compositions with other flowers. Dahlias can have the most various color and a form of inflorescences, pleasant for 3 months, that is practically all summer season.

It is required to you

- wood ashes;
- brilliant green;
- sharp knife;
- boxes.

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Also dahlias remarkably stand in vases, at the correct leaving – till 1 month. To plant these beautiful flowers, it is necessary to carry out the correct preparation of tubers after winter storage.


For preparation of tubers for landing pull out boxes from the cellar where they were stored all winter. Attentively examine all landing material. Cut off all struck and decayed places a sharp knife and process cuts wood ashes or brilliant green. Also can carry out processing by means of weak solution of potassium permanganate, having lowered tubers for 30 minutes in pink solution.


Place tubers in boxes, cover with earth and humidify the soil a little. It will allow to carry out a prorashchivaniye and a cherenkovaniye for faster shoots as in an open ground dahlias land after a minovaniye of threat of a frost. But powdering tubers, do not forget that the top part has to act over the earth not less than on 3 cm. If to carry out deeper powder, the neck of tubers will start decaying that will lead to full damage of all tuber.


Boxes with tubers can be put to the greenhouse or to take out on a site for all day at steady warm weather, but for the night they should be brought to the house or to cover dense material.


At change in soil follow the same rule - do not deepen too strongly germinated dahlias.


The second way of preparation of tubers a dahlia is that disembarkation without preliminary prorashchivaniye is used. For this purpose in one week prior to landing of tubers in an open ground or under film shelter pull out them from storage, examine, remove all decayed places, process wood ashes or brilliant green, take out on open air in boxes. Humidify tubers with spraying a little. Carry out spraying daily.


In 7 days after tubers a little get used to lighting and will become impregnated with moisture, land them on a constant place.


Without prorashchivaniye of dahlias make disembarkation for 10 days earlier, than at a way of preparation with a prorashchivaniye.