How to wash out bosoms

How to wash out bosoms

Washing of a nose and nasopharynx is the effective procedure of clarification recommended most often at rhinitis (including allergic), sinusitis or adenoides. Washing allows to remove quickly slime, dust, microorganisms, and also allows to create necessary conditions for disposal of cold and recovery. Besides, this procedure can be and preventive.

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It is possible to carry out washing in the different ways directly in house conditions. The good result can achieve if to use a rubber barrel (syringe). For bigger convenience carry out procedure in a bathroom: be inclined over a sink, open a mouth and put out tongue (it is necessary in order that you did not choke with solution during the washing). Previously it is worth filling a barrel with any solution (their recipes will be described a little later), and then to enter it serially into each nostril. At first the stream can be weak, increase its pressure gradually. Solution will flow out or through other nostril, or will wash a nasopharynx and will flow down on language. It is necessary to carry out washing approximately time per day (if you apply it for prevention) and two-three times (if treat any disease).


There is also other technique of washing of a nasopharynx and nose. Simply involve water a nose, and then spit out it. For one session it is enough to make five or six similar retractions. In case at you it does not turn out to involve water thus, use in a different way. Lay down on a back so that the head appeared on the very brink of a bed and was thrown back, and then enter solution into each nostril. After that it is necessary to rise and vyplevat quickly it (or to swallow). After similar washing do not forget to blow the nose carefully.


As solution for washing you can use not only simple clear water, but also soda solution, salt and solution of sea salt. Also mineral water, broth or infusion of herbs (for example, flowers of a calendula, leaves of a sage, flowers of a camomile, an eucalyptus and so on), long leaf black tea of weak tea leaves will approach. To make hydrochloric solution rather simply: dissolve in a glass with warm water one-two teaspoons of table salt; it is possible to add an iodine drop also.