How to open the account in Finland

How to open the account in Finland

Each bank of Finland has requirements for opening of the bank account, but all of them meet in the main rule. To open the account, it is necessary to live, study, own real estate or to possess the constant income in the territory of the country. If to correspond to these criteria, even the nonresident of Finland can make this operation, thus it will be necessary to explain sources of the income in details.

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Address to the Finnish bank chosen by you for opening of the account. The account can be issued both in the Finnish brands, and in other convertible currencies. On paperwork, as a rule, leaves from one to two weeks. It should be notedIt should be noted that natural persons cannot use the bank account for implementation of commercial activity. Consult with the manager of bank about all subtleties and nuances of opening of the account.

Collect the following package of documents if you are the natural person: the passport, an explanation about purpose of the account, information on a residence, the reference from the employer or about study places, the certificate of the country of the taxation, information on the planned monetary turn on the account, information on accounts in other banks, and also an explanation about an origin of a cash contribution. In addition specify data of the contact person in Finland and provide from it the letter of recommendation.

Present the package of documents demanded from legal nonresident persons of la of opening of the settlement account: an extract from the trade register, the certificate on registration of the enterprise, the certified copy of the charter and the foundation agreemtn, an extract from the protocol of meeting with the decision on opening of the account in the Finnish bank.

Specify data of owners of the company if the owner is other enterprise, submit also its copy of certificates and the charter. Receive the letter of recommendation from bank in which the enterprise for location is served. Make the letter with clarification of the purpose of opening of the account and the planned average annual balance. Write the report on activity of the company.

Fill in all documents in Swedish, Finnish or English. Provide them for consideration in bank of Finland. The decision on opening of the account is made usually in day of filing of application, and on registration of a card about two weeks can leave.