How to create a flash-cap

How to create a flash-cap

For increase in appeal of your site it is recommended to establish the flash-image in his cap. As a result you receive the bright and memorable resource. Thus it is worth being careful that the gained effect did not become coarse and importunate. Can create a flash-cap everyone, it is enough know bases of web programming and work with graphic editors.

It is required to you

The rights of the administrator on the site, the graphic editor, Internet access.

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Choose the animation picture which will become your main flash-cap. Its sizes have to correspond to width of pages of the site. As a rule, it makes 900 pixels in width, and for height there will be quite enough 150 pixels. The picked-up image should not contrast with design of your resource.

Create the flash-picture for a cap independently. For this purpose you can use any graphic editor on creation of animation images. For example, the Photoshop or Sothink SWF Easy program will approach. If the first for beginners can be difficult in understanding, the second possesses the facilitated tools and will not demand from you special knowledge. Those who does not want to install additional applications on the computer, can use online editors, for example, of FotoFlexer.

Make its static image which is required on the basis of the animation picture in case flash player is not installed in the browser of the visitor of the site. As a result you have to have two files with the swf expansion for animation and jpg, png or gif for the static picture. Load these documents on your site into folder/images/stories.

Open an index.php file code in regime of the editor. Find the block intended for a cap. It has an appearance:

. Insert into it the reference to pictures for a flash-cap and specify display parameters. After that open a text editor the stylesheet of template.css and keep the specified parameters.

Use the The Flash Module expansion if your site is constructed in Joomla system. In this case you not to be necessary to study web programming bases. It is enough to start the module in the mode of editing and to specify the reference to the flash-picture and its alternative static image in settings.