How to choose system of heating

How to choose system of heating

In order that the country house became the house, but not giving on a season, it is necessary to install in it system of heating. Now to establish heating it is not so problematic as was earlier. Wounds of the heating equipment offers a wide choice of coppers and accessories.

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Distinguish two types of system of heating: natural circulation and compulsory circulation. Natural circulation means free movement of the heat carrier on all pipes and radiators in the house. Such system has pluses and minuses. It is possible to refer its full independence of any kind of energy and autonomy to the positive moments. Of course, if the copper is also not volatile. Also such system is simple in service, that is in adjustments of temperature and tracking on all system of water level.


The system of heating with naturally circulation consists of a copper, pipes, radiators, a broad tank. The principle of action of system depends on correctly carried out distributing of pipes. It is necessary to be able to calculate a necessary bias for pipes by means of which water and will naturally circulate in system. Of course such system constructed on biases does not depend on electricity. If the copper works, for example, at diesel fuel. However there are also essential minuses.


For the correct work of system a broad tank it is necessary to arrange as it is possible above (usually on an attic), therefore freezing chances. Also at the slightest change of a bias of pipes, that is the kotruklena, the system zavozdushivatsya and ceases to function. It is better to apply heating system with natural circulation in remote houses where often there are long interruptions in light.


The system with compulsory circulation differs in installation of the circulation pulser. Which, working from electricity, constantly supports pressure set in system and temperature condition. In such system it is unimportant, under what bias the parting pipes are established, everything depends on pump power.


Using system with compulsory circulation it is also possible to apply the parting pipes narrower, than at natural circulation. However such system depends not only from fuel on which the copper, but also from electricity works. Now and demanded the system of heating with compulsory circulation of the heat carrier is considered more popular.