How to pay for the apartment in which nobody is registered

How to pay for the apartment in which nobody is registered

Acts of the Russian Federation do not forbid to have some apartments in property, but thus the owner is obliged to contain the housing and to pay for it a rent. The basis for charge of payment for two apartments is registration of the property rights. If both apartments or one of them cost empty, it is possible to show documentary confirmation in housing and operational office that nobody is registered and does not live to acquire the right for release from some types of utilities.

It is required to you

- statement;
- passport;
- documents of title;
- the reference from a residence;
- certificate of structure of a family;
- an extract from personal account.

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If you registered the property rights to apartments, it is the basis for charge of utility payments and other payments for the maintenance of housing. Lack of registration does not exempt you from introduction of payments according to the maintenance of housing, but thus for some types of utilities you have the right not to pay.

File in housing and operational office a petition, show the passport of the owner, documents of title and a package of the documents confirming your accommodation to other address. You will need to receive the certificate of registration in other apartment, the certificate of structure of a family, to show documents of title on other housing and the extract from personal account confirming introduction of utility payments for other apartment.

You can exempt payment from payment for cold, hot water, the sewerage but if in the apartment metering devices are installed, you will make according to their indications. Many apartments have metering devices not only waters, the electric power, but also is warm therefore charges are made according to the data coming to a uniform financial settlements center from counters of owners of apartments.

In the absence of the counter on thermal energy you cannot be exempted from its payment as charges are carried out not from number of the registered residents, and from a housing cubic capacity.

You cannot be exempted from services in the maintenance of housing. For example, you should pay in full services of the janitor, the technical employees cleaning an entrance to pay for the on-door speakerphone if according to the solution of general meeting of residents it was decided to be established.

Lack of registration exempts you from payments that you do not consume, but cannot exempt completely from introduction of money for the maintenance of housing.

Most often the mutual decision between the owner of housing and the asset holder stays at home is found. If to you charge payments that you do not consume, and demand their payment, appeal to court.